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So if this blog is going to live up to it’s name, it’s about time I talked about yarn, or more specifically, what I’ve got on the needles right now. I’ve been rather mum about my knitting lately as I was rushing to finish my husband’s secret xmas gift and wasn’t thinking about much else. Well, the gift has been delivered (much to his delight), and I’ve been able to turn my attention to other projects.

My husband wearing his new toque and scarf.

My next goal is to finish the sweater I started for my husband back in August. I thought sure to give it to him before the year ended, but I still have one sleeve to knit, as well as the finishing, and I suspect I may have to rip back a few inches on the front and redo them. So now he’ll be lucky to get it before winter ends.

I also have good reason to believe that 2012 will be another boom year for babies. 2011 was a record year: we had at least 7 friends having babies in 2011, which invariably calls for knitted gifts. For many of the couples it was their first, and for first babies I often like to give a blanket. We actually had a list on the calendar with each expectant couple and their expected due date, so I could manage my projects accordingly. It looks like we’ll have a good baby crop in 2012 as well. And THIS time, I’m going to be smart, and knit a bunch of items ahead of time in gender-neutral colours so I’m not scrambling to finish before each delivery date, like last year. Here’s a sneak peak at the blanket I’m working on now:

When all this baby knitting is under control, I’m hoping to go back to a pair of socks I started knitting during the Canada-U.S. gold medal hockey game at the Vancouver Olympics, frog them and start over. (They’re too small.) Yes, they’ve been sitting on a shelf for two years, waiting to be finished. I blame the babies.

Gratuitous baby hats.