About me

I started this blog some time ago to have a place to discuss and keep track of my hobbies: cooking and baking (and eating), knitting, and watching classic movies. As a gluten-free (by necessity) vegetarian (by choice), married to a meat eater with a dairy intolerance, food can be a challenge in our house. So I tend to experiment with all kinds of recipes, from vegetarian and vegan to GF, paleo, and raw.

941041_10153826874210409_5748030085434116877_nMore recently, my husband and I made a major lifestyle change: we went from being a household of DINKs (double-income, no kids) to a single income home (does that make us SINKs?). As it turns out, skills like cooking, baking, and knitting help contribute to this lifestyle. The movie obsession, not so much. Oh well—nobody’s perfect.

I tend to blog about feminism, food, and movies more often than knitting, but if you’d like to see what yarn projects I’m working on, look for vonnyb on Ravelry.

I am by no means an expert or a scholar in any of these fields. I just enjoy them, and hope to share my enthusiasm.

I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my wonderful husband, our golden retriever/Bernese mountain dog cross, Marnie, and our polydactyl cat Wolverine.


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