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Off work nearly four months and not a single blog post. That’s not to say I haven’t had several ideas cross my mind. Or that I haven’t actually sat at the computer and started writing a couple. It’s that I have the terrible habit of talking myself out of it once I’ve begun. I’ve picked a bad time to write; I’m not in the mood; I’ve got errands that need to be taken care of; the animals are begging for attention. There are a million excuses.

I suspect that secretly, the real issue is that I’m afraid what I write will never be good, and so there’s no point in even beginning. It’s easy to talk yourself out of something if you think you’ve already failed.

So with this short, mediocre post, I am breaking the ice, I am reviving this blog, and I am giving myself permission to experiment, to write uninteresting crap, and to work at mediocrity until it turns into something kind of ok, and maybe even half decent. Eventually.