Trouble is, things are pretty hectic, and I don’t see them slowing down soon.

The last few months in a nutshell:
•Crazy busy time at work
•Turned down for a promotion, which was difficult
•Preparing for a trip to Peru this fall
•Suffering the worst allergies of my life; considering getting rid of our cat due to said allergies
•Potential litigation issues: stressful
•Taking an online film studies class and loving it
•Knitting lots of baby stuff for my nephews, who are both expecting their first children this year
•Lost five pounds; trying to get in shape; started taking Pilates classes again
•Have started experimenting with raw food recipes; it’s delicious!
•Making awesome plans for the next year or two

Yep, it’s a busy time. I hope to at least do some blogging about my ongoing film class, if nothing else. Thanks for sticking around!