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This is a cat.


She looks harmless enough. Pretty cute, actually. But in the one months she’s lived with us, she’s managed to take up quite a bit of our time. Between getting her to use the litterbox, making sure she gets along with her canine sister, and helping adjust to her new home, there’s been time for little else. But we love her.

Her name is Wolverine and she’s six months old today. She’s a polydactyl cat, and when we picked her up I exclaimed “She’s a mutant!” My husband, a fan of superheroes, immediately decided to call her Wolverine. I’ve regretted my outburst ever since. (I call her Wooly for short.)

I’m basically using the cat as an excuse for not blogging in more than a month. There’s more to it than that – work, travel for work, a nasty cold – but it’s more fun to blame the cat. Plus I get to post that adorable photo. And this one: