Blog's first birthdayThis blog turned one on Dec. 11, 2012. Unfortunately, as usually happens in the weeks before the holidays, I had no time to mark the occasion. (How on earth I managed to start this blog two weeks before xmas is still beyond me.)

In the one year and one month this blog has been around, I’ve managed to neglect the Yarn portion of the blog rather shamefully:

  • Food: 11 posts
  • Yarn: 5 posts
  • Film: 12 posts
  • General: 11 posts

I’ve been trying to figure out why I blog more on general subjects than I do about knitting. It may be because I don’t have much to say about knitting. I just do it. A lot, in fact, especially lately. Ever since some of my kind colleagues bought some of my knitting off me, and encouraged me to sell more broadly, I’ve been trying to knit up a small stock of items to sell. I just posted my first few items yesterday. Have a look.

So while I may not have been neglecting the topic of knitting on this blog (something I’ll try to rectify this year), I certainly don’t neglect my needles. As of now, Yarn posts: 6.

As an aside, I’d just like to add how annoyed I am by the ads that now pop up when I access my blog. They’re even in the dashboard, for Pete’s sake. Thanks a lot, WordPress.