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Husband and I are on a Christmas road trip to visit family. One of those trips where it’s all about the destination, not the voyage itself. And it’s too dark to knit in the car. At least not without making a bunch of mistakes.

Santa was good to us this year. We both got lots of great movies. My husband got the new Spider-Man movie, the Mission Impossible series (I had forgotten how terrible #2 is) and I got two boxed sets: a collection of seven films starring Michael Caine, and a set of five movies about royalty: The King’s Speech, The Queen, Shakespeare in Love, etc.

No classic movies, but I did get a gift certificate for an Ottawa movie store that specializes in classic movies. I may use it to get Sunset Boulevard, which I saw for the first time earlier this year. What an amazing film. I was actually pissed at myself for not having seen it sooner.

To get myself in the spirit, I watched The Man Who Came to Dinner last week (an old favourite). I was really hoping this would be the year I would get my husband to watch It’s a Wonderful Life, but we don’t have cable. Hopefully it will play on tv sometime over the next couple of days while we’re visiting family.

I’ve brought along tons of knitting. In a rather exciting turn of events, I’ve started selling my knitting to work colleagues. It happened quite by accident: I brought in a couple of baby hats for a fundraising silent auction and the losing bidders all said they would buy hats off me if I had more. Then I was asked for a few other smaller items, which I’m working on over the holidays.

So the plan is to knit several smaller items (baby hats and sweaters, adult toques, etc) until I have some stock, then post some photos online and see if I get some interest. If not, it’s ok because I know lots of people having babies.

That’s about it for my road trip blogging. Sorry this post isn’t more coherent, but that’s what happens when you blog on a tiny iPhone at the end of a 7-hour road trip.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year!