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As if my husband and I didn’t have enough dietary restrictions, I was also diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity last month. I have a hard time taking the diagnosis seriously, since my symptoms are generally much less severe than my husband’s.

But it’s funny what happens after you stop eating gluten for a while – say one to two weeks. When I ate it again (because really, how much of a difference can a piece of bread make?) my body let me know it wasn’t happy fairly quickly. I “cheated” and had some gluten at one meal each day for about three days in a row, and I suffered stomach cramps for three days afterwards. Since then, no gluten, no stomach cramps. It’s like as soon as I stopped eating gluten on a regular basis, my body started to heal itself, and it didn’t appreciate the interruption.

So now in our household we have one dairy intolerant glutard who also can’t eat eggs, cashews or oysters. And we have a vegetarian glutard. It’s funny how each of these can be either fairly easy to deal with, or fairly complicated, depending on the situation. Some restaurants surprise us with their level of knowledge and accommodations for the gluten-intolerant (here I give a nod to Boston Pizza, who really surprised us) and others just haven’t got a clue.

Lucky for me, by the time I was diagnosed I had already mastered a few glutard-friendly recipes thanks to my husband. For those suffering from similar food intolerances, be sure to check out my cookbooks. I’ll try to add more and list which recipes turned out especially good.