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I’ve been pretty tired and run-down the last few weeks. I was off sick from work for a few days, feeling like death warmed over. One of the few benefits of being home sick is the opportunity it grants to get caught up on various projects that can be undertaken from a bed or a couch. I watched a slew of movies while I was off, many of which I’ve seen before, and a few new ones.

My movie-mania prompted a new project: I want to watch every film version of Jane Eyre I can get my hands on and write a comparative post. While I was off sick I watched the 1970 version with Suzannah York and George C. Scott – an old favourite of mine that I love to watch over and over. And I rented the 2011 version with Mia Wasikowska and Michael Fassbender, who is quickly becoming my new favourite actor. While very good, the newer version didn’t (I feel) have the same warmth and humour of the York-Scott pairing.

Then I started doing some research and learned there have been more than a dozen film versions of the famous Charlotte Brontë novel, if you include all the made-for-TV versions (of which the 1970 adaptation is one). I’m hoping to watch at least two or three more before writing my definitive Jane Eyre post. Keep an eye out for it this summer.

The Easter weekend was a good chance to rest and recover, and spend time with friends. Now that I’m mostly back to normal I’m hoping to not neglect this blog for so long again.