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Beyond struggling with finding time to blog, I’ve been struggling with my work-life balance lately. Just ask my husband.

The thing is, I really like my job. For the first time in many years, I feel like an important part of a team; my opinions are sought and even respected. I really get along with about 90% of my colleagues, and I wouldn’t hesitate to hang out with them outside of the office. We work well together, and it’s fun. Sometimes stressful, but fun.

This respect and collegiality make me feel like I should do a little extra when deadlines are tight and the team needs to pull together. But that “little extra” then turns into hours and hours of overtime, and my family life suffers. I end up seeing my husband only when the alarm goes off in the morning, and our poor dog loses her mind at the sight of me.

Work is not going to let up – we’ve got a very busy two months ahead of us. On top of that, I’ve applied for a program where I donate my holidays to work overseas in a developing country. I’ll find out in a couple weeks if I get accepted or not; if I do, I’ll be gone for three to four weeks in the summer. Because, you know, I won’t be completely burned out after the next two months of work, and I won’t need time to spend with my husband.

I’m making an effort to leave work at the office and contribute more to our home life, but it’s hard. Sometimes I think I should consider a three-day workweek. We can’t really afford it financially, but the alternative – estrangement, resentment – is much uglier.