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Well. When I started this blog back in December, I was looking forward to having a place where I could extol the virtues of my favourite classic films and share some interesting GFV and vegetarian recipes. But the last few weeks it’s been challenging to find time to watch these movies and make these recipes, let alone find time to write about them afterwards.

My current prolonged silence is due to a work trip to Vancouver (where the sun has finally come out today for the first time since I got here Thursday). I’m attending the AAAS meeting: a big science conference, which is funny because I’m just about the furthest thing possible from a scientist. It’s been a productive trip; it’s just that I’m experiencing some pangs of guilt for neglecting the blog.

I watched two movies on the flight out here: Midnight in Paris, which was delightful, and Water for Elephants, which was disappointing. I also started watching The Shipping News, which I’ve been wanting to see for years. I hope to watch the second half on the way back to Ottawa.

Not much else to report here, other than it’s been raining steadily and I forgot my umbrella. Nice thing is, they have a great selection of umbrellas in Vancouver. I also got to take a couple hours off and catch up with an old friend and meet her four-month-old son: a definite highlight of the trip.

Next week will be equally busy so I expect there will be little new content here at FYF until March, but don’t give up on me, dear readers. I’ll be back with bells on.