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Some friends had us over for dinner last night. Given mine and my husband’s food restrictions, this is an unusual occurrence. We know how hard it can be to come up with gluten- and dairy-free options, and then something vegetarian on top of it. (Last night’s dinner was homemade chili with corn chips – the meat cooked on the side for those who wanted to add it. Brilliant and delicious!)

What’s even harder than coming up with the main course, however, is making GFV dessert. So it’s our custom now with these particular friends that they’ll arrange the main meal if we (read: me) make dessert. Last night’s selection was GFV brownies from Susan O’Brien’s Gluten-Free Vegan (see My Cookbooks). This is my go-to recipe book for GFV desserts (I haven’t hit a bad one yet) and the brownies were a hit. We were lucky to smuggle these last bits out of the house.

Super moist GFV brownies

This morning I decided to make some coleslaw that my husband had been asking for. Normally I would make coleslaw with mayo, but since he can’t have it, I improvised a vinegar-based dressing. The ingredients, in order from the largest quantity: white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, canola oil, Chartreuse dijon mustard, horseradish dijon mustard, sugar, pepper, salt. I think it’s delicious, and I suspect it will taste even better after it’s sat for a couple hours in the fridge.

Nothing like a little experimentation in the kitchen on a Sunday morning.