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I mentioned a few recipes back on Dec. 22, but I didn’t have time to elaborate. I figured I would do so now. The GFV pumpkin muffins I made for my husband are here. I’ve made them a few times and he loves them. I always use fresh pumpkin, and I make my own pumpkin pie spice mix: usually cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg (in descending order of quantity).

The chewy brownie cookies and the lemon coconut pixies (mentioned on Dec. 16) both come from an out-of-print little dessert recipe book from Hershey’s. I figure it’s ok to share the recipes, since the book was free anyway.

This is probably the height of laziness, but here you go:

The chewy brownie cookies recipes tells you not to overbake. I can say from experience that it is imperative not to overbake these cookies. Follow the temperature and times exactly. They won’t look fully baked, but they are. They become very hard and dry when overbaked.

For the lemon coconut pixies, I like to include about half a lemon’s worth of juice in there too. I just love the extra lemony flavour, and it doesn’t alter the dry vs. wet ingredients ratio in a significant way. Another nice thing about this recipe is that it converts fairly easily to GFV. Just use GFV margarine instead of butter, use egg replacer, and replace the flour with GF flour. I usually use a 3:1 mix of rice flour and chick pea flour or quinoa flour. Add a scant tsp of xanthan gum for good measure.