So last night I spent three hours in the kitchen cooking and baking, then cleaning up. The cooking was for a pot-luck today, with any leftovers coming with us to my family’s for Christmas. With my husband’s food sensitivities and my vegetarianism, eating with family can be a challenge, so we have to come prepared. The baking was also for the holidays, and while I never got to make the pecan butter tarts I had planned, I am pleased with what I accomplished. Last night was GFV pumpkin muffins and chewy chocolate brownie cookies (definitely not GFV). Unfortunately, I was working at such a pace that I did not get a single photo. Nor do I have time to share recipes right now. Man, what a lousy blogger I am. I plan to share more of my recipes when things calm down a bit next week. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

[Updated to add: I’ve since shared some of these recipes in my post of Jan. 26.]